International Women Leadership Programme**

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International Women Leadership Programme** Unique International Women Leadership Programme in close cooperation with the best law firms of Europe

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Leadership development for women in law

Investing in high potential lawyers is a top priority for law firms. It makes sure their talented employees develop the qualities they need to become successful lawyers or partners.

OSR Legal Education has developed a unique International Women Leadership Programme (IWLP) in close cooperation with the best law firms of Europe. This programme is linked to daily practice and gives participants the opportunity to create their own effective network. The main focus of the programme is career development for women in the legal profession. More than 150 talented lawyers already completed our programme.

During three modules, the following subjects will arise:

  • Leadership & awareness
  • Applied personal leadership
  • Putting leadership into practice

All three modules will be arranged in a different city in Europe, every module will take up two days of training.


This leadership programme is developed by OSR in close cooperation with several large international law firms and a team of expert trainers.
Pascale de Vilder
Anne-Marijn Coulingh-Bennink
Maryvonne Kurris
Elise van Doorne
Bernadette Deitmers

Participant responses

  • ‘Excellent training in terms of identifying habits and receiving tools to work on those habits so you can develop your skills in order to become a good and effective partner and leader.’
  • ‘The course has exceeded my expectations.’
  • ‘I really appreciated the topics discussed!’
  • ‘I gained a deeper understanding of the necessity in being able to prioritise and to be self-confident.’
  • ‘The training and trainers were fantastic!’
  • ‘I recently got very good feedback from my boss who "blamed" my progress on the leadership programme. The sessions have been very helpful and I tried to adopt as many things as possible. And it worked:) Thank you!’
  • ‘I learned that good leaders aren't necessarily born, leadership requires work.’
  • 'Perfect mix of theory and practice, funny moments and exercises that help focussing and fixing in mind certain feelings and situations.'
  • 'These 3 meetings have been for me like the 3 Christmas of Dickens’ tale (A Christmas Carol): I lived the first one as the “Ghost of past Christmas” because I focused on how I have been brought up and on why I am as I am, the second was the “Ghost of present Christmas”, with awareness of the situation in which I am NOW and the third was the “Ghost of future Christmas” with a focus on what to do in the future! ;) '
  • 'Very interesting topics and they were very well explained by the various speakers. Some items I was already aware of but others were real eye-openers. What I also really enjoyed was the interaction with the other participants: talking about our shared (and diverging) experiences, best practices and obstacles. It's always nice to know that you're not the only one who is struggling with certain issues and to talk about how other people feel about this and tackle this. Also, I think it's remarkable how well the organisation managed to provide a useful and value-adding course digitally rather than physically. I fully appreciate these circumstances are suboptimal (well, hard) for everybody and I am really thankful that the organisation put effort in making sure that they could provide the best experience online as was possible.‘

The programme consists of three modules and will take place in different cities in Europe.

Module 1 – September 7 & 8 in Amsterdam / Leadership introduction & awareness

  • Person: Self Awareness of drivers and values regarding work.
  • Role: Insight in Partner/Leadership Profile. Insight in leadership drivers and management styles.
  • System: Insight in and awareness of organizational cultures in law firms. (Un)written rules of making career in law firms. PowerMap, map of influence within your firm.
  • Exchanging experiences and exploring career and leadership questions with colleagues.

Module 2 – December 7 & 8 in Brussels: Applied Personal Leadership
On the two days of the second meeting the subjects will be:

  • Leadership development
  • Increasing self-awareness (talents and pitfalls)
  • Long term thinking within the legal profession and personal choices
  • Building support peer networks, giving feedback and leading others

Module 3 – (location and dates (most likely end January/beginning February) to be determined) : Putting leadership into practice
On the two days of the third meeting the subjects will be:

  • Things you have already accomplished
  • Subjects you still want to develop
  • Sharing concerns/situation and decide what to do differently
  • Creating awareness of your preference behaviour in daily business
  • Presenting yourself to prospects/clients in an authentic way focussed on exposure

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