Elise van Doorne

Professional met persoonlijke aandacht
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Elise van Doorne

mevr. drs. E.V. van Doorne


Occupational & Organisational Psychologist, Executive coach,


persoonlijke ontwikkeling


Elise has a great passion for Applied Leadership Programs, for their impact in making development sustainable and creating a learning environment. She believes that Leaders are the role models for sustainable learning and effective organisations by openly reflecting on complex management dilemmas, and supporting each other with honest feedback.
Elise co-developed and facilitated three extensive Applied Leadership programs for Shell, for PostNL and Genzyme. She developed a Women Leadership Module for senior lawyers. By connecting personal insight to work related challenges, managers can experience the immediate gains. Elise is a certified professional coach and a certified Occupational & Organisational NIP psychologist. In addition she is certified for psychometric models like MBTI, Core Quality Quadrant, Coaching of Effective Learning Processes, Video interaction analysis and E-coaching. Her approach is caring and challenging, mirroring what she perceives during interactions, surfacing possible blind spots. She has the intention to always support others in growing their personal leadership.

Sometimes you just need the “eyes” of others to enable you to “see” yourself. Self-awareness is the key to change and she trusts people have the internal wisdom to find their own appropriate solutions.